Archanan was formed while co-founders Alex Nodeland and Lukasz Orlowski were in the third Singapore cohort of Entrepreneur First, a talent investor who incubates founders in the early stages of ideation, founding, and growth. During this time, Alex and Lukasz dedicated their time to market research, building their minimum viable product, and fleshing out their business model.

This all culminated on 17 July, 2018, when after the six month program, Alex pitched at EF’s demo day at Google’s Singapore HQ. This marked the opening of Archanan’s seed round of funding, which will empower them to expand their team, build out their product, and on board early adopters.

You can watch Alex’s pitch above to learn more about the problems Archanan addresses, their solutions, and how they will fit into the HPC market. Archanan is raising SGD$1M to revolutionize supercomputing.

Very exciting times ahead indeed!

CEO Alex Nodeland, backstage with his best game face

Co-founders Alex and Lukasz are ready to share their vision with the world for the first time

Setting up the Archanan stand for the networking reception

The EFSG3 cohort

~300 investors attended the pitch

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